Wedding bouquets: Teresa de la Pisa

Teresa is a well known fashion designer. Her friends that know her since she was a child, always comment she was fascinated with corals. One day she started experimenting with tin, corals and sea urchins and turned sculpture into her profession. All her work is inspired by nature, as Teresa herself comments ” nature is an ever ending source of inspiration, ideas, sensations, colours and textures for her pieces of art”. A happy and vitalist woman she thoroughly enjoys the process of creation often wondering where it will lead her to. The important thing as she says “is that the end result brings happiness and joy”.

What has this designer got to do with weddings? She produces wonderful sculptures in the shape of wedding bouquets, from metal leaves to sea urchins, corals, and even wood. Once the wedding is over you just need to take your wedding bouquet to her, and Teresa will turn it into an incredible sculpture that you can keep as a fond memory of your wedding in your home. Don´t you agree this is a wonderful idea?

Wedding bouquets : Teresa de la Pisa

Wedding bouquets : Teresa de la Pisa

You can see her work at Anmoder (C/ Núñez de Balboa, 7. Madrid)

Photo 1 : Blog de Vega Royo-Villanova

Honeymoon : Winter destinations

Summer is just round the corner and I am already inviting you to think about a Winter honeymoon. It works out cheaper and you can always visit a warm place if you like.

I am going to refer here to the Chilenean Patagonia.  There is a lovely area called Puerto Natales where you will find Torres del Paine National Park with its lakes Pehoé and Grey. If you live in the Northen hemisphere, the best time to go is in our Winter, as it is Summer there and the climate is delicious. A nice trekking to do within the park is the route W, which starts off in the Amarga lagoon. Walking through the park from East to West you will get the best view of Los Cuernos peaks, and if you are lucky enough you might even see a condor.  Another option is to go canooing in Grey Lake to see the icebergs.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Chile

Torres del Paine National Park - Chile

New Zealand
It is Summer here as well. It has lots of lovely things to see like tropical beaches, and volcanic areas but the best of all, are its´people. They are fantastic and very welcoming. In the North Island you can find Rotorua, a Maori village and volcanic area with geishers. Then there is the biggest lake on the island Lake Taupo and nearby Tongariro National Park with three active volcanoes : Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu. Part of the film Lord of the Rings, was filmed there.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - New Zealand

Lake Taupo - New Zealand

Honeymoon : Winter destination - New Zealand

Farming land - New Zealand

Cape Verde
This country is formed by 10 volcanic islands. To the North we have Boa Vista, a desertic island of crystalline turquoise waters, ideal for windsurfers and scuba divers. You can travel around the island on a bike. The ideal place to forget about the rest of the world and just relax.

It is nice to go in Winter as temperatures don´t go up further than 30º.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Green Cape

Boa Vista island

For a real Winter honeymoon and lovers of snow. It has fantastic skii slopes.  You can also visit Viena and enjoy some classical music and a cup ofwarm  chocolate. To listen to concerts the best time to go is between September and June. In the Summer you will get occasional festivals and one or two special events.

At Christmas time the city lights and Christmas stores give Viena a fairy tale look.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Austria

Enjoying Viena !

is a place to visit over and over again. There is always something new and fascinating to discover.  Take a stroll down Sultanahmet and visit Beyoglu´s modern cafés.  Go shopping in its zocos, enjoy the Grand Baazar, the monuments. Delight yourself with its´rich gastronomy and finally end the day with a relaxing traditional hamman.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Turkey

View of Estambul

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Why not try a chic and stylish look for your wedding day, by wearing red lips ?

Wear red lips on your wedding day

A chic and stylish look!

If you decide to wear red lips the rest of the make-up must be very pale. You skin should look fresh and smooth, the blusher very natural and you should wear mascara to make your  eye-lashes look long.

Another important thing to bear in mind is the wedding dress you are going to wear as not every dress matches this style of make-up.  The right wedding dress choice will give you a very original vintage touch.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Red lips, a vintage touch!

Red lips give a youthful, vital and graceful appearance. You will shine on your wedding day! Ask your stylist what colour red would suit you best.  Here are some hints :

  • With a light colour skin, a redish blue is the perfect combination.
  • If you are slightly tanned use shades of brown.
  • For brown skinned people, oranges, browns and burgundies are the best colours.
  • Remember not to wear too many accessories, a vintage veil will be more than enough to make your lips standout.  Red lips have been and will always be a classic.

Dolce&Gabbana combines red lips with lace dresses.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Red lips and laces

Karl Lagerfeld makes the red lips standout by wearing the hair up and thus enhance the neckline.

Costello Tagliapietra prefers a more casual hairdo. Very chic!

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Karl Lagerfeld and Costello Tagliapietra

Here are some photos of real brides so you can see for yourselves how effective red lips are with a contrasting white wedding dress.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Attractive red lips!

Images from : Love My Dress, Duston Todd, Junebug Weddings, Dress Me Fancy, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Lauren McConell Photography, Leslee Mitchell photographer

Helping you choose your wedding jewels

Of all the things you need for your wedding outfit : dress, veil, flowers … jewels will probably be the only ones you can wear again. You can always wear earrings or a bracelet to that special dinner you are invited to. Here we are going to give you some suggestions that will help you choose jewels that you can wear not only to your wedding but on other special occasions.

1. A good way of buying things and jewels amongst others is to divide its cost by the times we might wear them, in this way we can make sure the expense is really worth the while.

2. Try to choose something classical in whites, ivories or beiges. Pearls or a jewel from Swaroski are always easy to combine on other occasions. You can also choose gold or silver jewels as long as they are simple and elegant.

3. If you choose to wear the whole three : necklace, earrings and a bracelet on your wedding day, just use one of the or maybe combine two for other special events, if not you might be overdoing it. You can always wear one of them with another piece of jewelry you have already got.

4. Don´t forget to take along that piece of jewelry you like from the wedding day to your honeymoon, there is bound to be a lovely, special evening for two in which you can wear it again.

5. When choosing your wedding jewel try to choose something you don´t already have too many of the same style in your jewelry box. If you have got lots of gold jewels go for something in silver and viceversa.

6. When going out combine three or four bracelets, or maybe two or three necklaces of different lengths as this is always original and fashionable.

7. Look after your jewels so they don´t end up looking old and unkept.

8. Don´t over do it on your wedding day. Try and be elegant and discrete. Something simple but stunning.

9. Go for the classics, they never age but trends and fashions come and go. The jewels you wear on your wedding day are something that is there forever and that you will never forget. They are priceless…

Photos: Once Wed

What do precious stones tell us? Aquamarine

El aguamarina es la piedra preciosa para el 19 aniversario de bodas.

Aquamarine comes from the latin word “aqua marina” that means sea water. You can find them in a wide range of blues from sky blue, greenish blue to sea green. It belongs to the same family as the emerald because of its shades of green.

Romans believed that if they made a sculpture of a frog using this precious stone it would stop war with their enemies. Also the grooms gave it to the brides in the firm believe that this precious stone would keep intact all the love they felt for one another. The greek sailors would usually carry one to make sure they would be safe in their journes across unsettled seas. In medieval times it was believed to make the love between married couples flourish again.

The flowers that go with it are the narcissi. It is the stone you give for the 19th wedding anniversary and it represents courage and faithfulness.

Wedding dresses: My favourite designers. Part II

Today some more of my favourite wedding dresses designers !

Yolan Cris
For a bohemian, bucolic style this is your designer. Her dresses are different to any you have seen before. Dresses with lace and lace edging, crochet, very vaporous skirts…and the perfect hairdress her litlle hats made of lace.
She also includes some lovely and more elaborate 1920s and 30s style dresses. Don´t miss the Alquimia collection.

Colección Alquimia. Yolan Cris

Colección Alquimia. Yolan Cris

Colección Novias 2011 Revival Vintage. Yolan Cris.

Colección Revival Vintage. Yolan Cris.

Helena Mareque
My friend María wore one of her dresses and it suited her just perfect. A classic dress in silk, with chiffon sleeves, lace bodice and a not very low neckline. All in ivory. Very elegant. The finishing touch would have been a vintage veil.
Her workshop is in Ayala street (Madrid) and the designs are exclusive tu every single customer. Her speciality are both antique lacery and handcrafted embroideries. She can also give you advise on what hairdo to wear.

Vestidos de novia de Helena Mareque.

Wedding Dresses. Helena Mareque.

En el atelier de Helena Mareque.

En el atelier de Helena Mareque.

Ruben Perlotti
You will find his work on fashion parades such as Cibeles. None of his dresses are white, his designs are avant garde and youthful. Have a look at his incredible necklines.

Vestidos de novia de Rubén Perlotti.

Wedding Dresses. Rubén Perlotti.

Maria Lluisa Rabell
She exhibits her work in the Gaudí fashion parade. Her wedding dresses remind us of medieval times, there is something magical about them..long skirts with layers of tulle and bodices covered in lace edging, jewellery…
A wonderful idea is that you yourself can combine the skirt you want to wear with the bodice.

Vestidos de novia de Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Vestidos de novia de Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Oh que luna
In their window shop in Ayala street (Madrid) there are always wonderful dresses of a romantic, baroque style. They are very classic and elegant. If you don´t see anything you like you can always ask them to design something for you.

Vestidos de novia Oh que Luna.

Wedding Dresses Oh que Luna.

Vestidos de novia Oh que Luna.

Wedding Dresses Oh que Luna.

Teresa Palazuelo
She is a haute couture designer. An exquisite taste and individiualised attention…she knows perfectly well what suits you.

Vestidos de novia Teresa Palazuelo.

Wedding Dresses. Teresa Palazuelo.

Isabel Leguina
Very delicate cuts and wonderful fabrics to make your dream come true. They give you lot of useful advise. When I visited their workshop I fell in love with a princess shape dress. It had a sash with jewelery in golden shades. Her dresses have a classic, everlasting style made to suit each individual bride. Her veils and mantillas are fantastic… I would get married again just to wear one of those.

Hope you have liked this brief selection of dress designers. Did you know them? Which is your favourite? Any you specially like and I haven´t mentioned?