Summer is just round the corner and I am already inviting you to think about a Winter honeymoon. It works out cheaper and you can always visit a warm place if you like.

I am going to refer here to the Chilenean Patagonia.  There is a lovely area called Puerto Natales where you will find Torres del Paine National Park with its lakes Pehoé and Grey. If you live in the Northen hemisphere, the best time to go is in our Winter, as it is Summer there and the climate is delicious. A nice trekking to do within the park is the route W, which starts off in the Amarga lagoon. Walking through the park from East to West you will get the best view of Los Cuernos peaks, and if you are lucky enough you might even see a condor.  Another option is to go canooing in Grey Lake to see the icebergs.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Chile

Torres del Paine National Park - Chile

New Zealand
It is Summer here as well. It has lots of lovely things to see like tropical beaches, and volcanic areas but the best of all, are its´people. They are fantastic and very welcoming. In the North Island you can find Rotorua, a Maori village and volcanic area with geishers. Then there is the biggest lake on the island Lake Taupo and nearby Tongariro National Park with three active volcanoes : Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu. Part of the film Lord of the Rings, was filmed there.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - New Zealand

Lake Taupo - New Zealand

Honeymoon : Winter destination - New Zealand

Farming land - New Zealand

Cape Verde
This country is formed by 10 volcanic islands. To the North we have Boa Vista, a desertic island of crystalline turquoise waters, ideal for windsurfers and scuba divers. You can travel around the island on a bike. The ideal place to forget about the rest of the world and just relax.

It is nice to go in Winter as temperatures don´t go up further than 30º.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Green Cape

Boa Vista island

For a real Winter honeymoon and lovers of snow. It has fantastic skii slopes.  You can also visit Viena and enjoy some classical music and a cup ofwarm  chocolate. To listen to concerts the best time to go is between September and June. In the Summer you will get occasional festivals and one or two special events.

At Christmas time the city lights and Christmas stores give Viena a fairy tale look.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Austria

Enjoying Viena !

is a place to visit over and over again. There is always something new and fascinating to discover.  Take a stroll down Sultanahmet and visit Beyoglu´s modern cafés.  Go shopping in its zocos, enjoy the Grand Baazar, the monuments. Delight yourself with its´rich gastronomy and finally end the day with a relaxing traditional hamman.

Honeymoon : Winter destination - Turkey

View of Estambul

El encanto de nuestro pais vecino (Alfama - Lisboa)

Alfama - Lisboa

Have you heard about Portuguese traditional music, the `fados´. These are lovely songs and music that talk about Portuguese peoples´love for their land and traditions. No wonder this is so, as Portugal is a fascinating country and the `pousadas´they have all over the country are a wonderful choice, if you want to stay a night or two in an idilic place, with beautiful scenery and exquisite traditional food.

There is a pousada for every taste : historical, with natural beauties or simply charming. They where built in the early 40´s using old building such as castles, convents, palace homes… They are located in ideal spots that will allow you to not only visit pintoresque towns and main cities like Lisbon and Porto, but also to enjoy outdoor activities such as trecking, golf or sea sports.

The ideal thing is to choose two or three `pousadas´per region, and stay one or two nights in each to get the feeling of the place. Moving around Portugal with a car is easy and probably the best way to visit this fascinating country.
To make life easier for you we have chosen a few pousadas you can stay but you must bear in mind there is over thirty of them, all beautiful and charming.

For lovers of nature, in the North region we have Säo Bento pousada, inside the national park of Pereda Geves, with incredible views over the Cavado river and Caniçada lagoon. In the city of Viana do Castelo there is the pousada of Monte de Santa Luzia, with magnificent views over the city and sea, and finally we have pousada de Santa Marinha, of great arquitectural interest as it is inside an Agustinian Convent of the XII century.

Unas vistas increibles - Pousada Santa Marihna

Pousada Santa Marihna

If you like historical sites, in the centre region, we have the palace of Queluz, which is now known as the pousada Dona Maria I, a castle the pousada De Castelo and a fortress , pousada Säo Filipe, with views over the Sado river estuary and Tröia Peninsula.

Disfrutar de la tranquilidad del mar - Pousada Säo Filipe

Pousada Säo Filipe

You might be looking forward to a beach holiday. I recommend the Algarve beaches (but not in the Summer as it gets overcrowded). In this region you might like to stay in the pousada Infante, in the city of Sagres.

As you can see Portugal has lots to offer and you will come back from your honeymoon feeling you have really gone back in time.

Can you imagine a honeymoon in Croatia? Fantastic! We can take a flight to Zagreb, the capital, in the North East.  Spend a few days visiting this incredible city with medieval streets and fascinating monuments and then hire a car to follow the splendid coastline of clear blue waters and pine trees, cliffs and take a ferry to vist it´s pintoresque islands (Mljet, Krk, Cres…).

Luna de miel en Croacia

Luna de miel en Croacia

On the way down South we can visit it´s natural parks, the six sites declared Human Patrimony by the UNESCO and some of it´s charming medieval towns to finally come across Dubrovnic with  spectacular sun rises from it´s walls. From here we can take a flight back home.  On our way we would have had the chance of enjoying some typical dishes such as the `bouzara´(seafood dish) or `cevapi´(typical sausage) and the folklore of the region.

Parque Kruger

Ideal for lovers of nature, wildlife and adventure. The journey by car from Johannesburg, the capital, is an easy five hour drive. We can organize our own safari. We just need the car and to book in advance into the different lodges and campsites in the park. The Kruger Park is famous world wide because not only can you see the `big five´(lion, elephant, lepard, buffalo and rhino) but lots of other animals and plants. We will have to get up early, because the early hours of the morning and evening are the best to see the animals drinking at the water holes, we must bear in mind that we have to be back at the lodge before 6pm as you can be heavely fined for roaming the park after that hour.

Parque Kruger

Once back at the site we will get ready to enjoy an African sunset, one we will never forget for its stricking red colour, or just relax at the bar watching the nearby water holes and awaiting for the animals to come with our cameras ready.
A trip we will never forget!

Luna de miel en Nueva York

For lovers of the ‘big apple’ and city life the perfect place for your honeymoon. Everything about New York is exciting. From just simply strolling through Central Park, shopping at 5th Avenue, or climbing to the top of the Empire State to more cultural venues such as visiting the Moma museum or enjoying a Broadway musical.
Feel the thrill of recalling Woody Allen´s best known films, sites like SoHo or Brooklyn Bridge, and end the day at one of the many fashionable restaurants in Manhattan.
A must!

Our honeymoon is the perfect excuse to go on that trip we have always dreamt off. It is romantic, unforgettable, it is something we will always remember.

¿has decidido dónde ir de viaje de novios?

Where to go for our honeymoon?

Here in Beautiful Blue Brides we want to provide you with plenty of ideas so you can organize the perfect trip. You will be able to see other places and cultures, places you would have never thought existed….Where do we begin?

After all the haste and stress of the wedding, planning the honeymoon is a delightful way of switching off, something to enjoy.

To decide on where to go we can ask ourselves some questions that might help us:

  1. Do we want to just relax or do we prefer some outdoor activities and a bit of adventure?
  2. Enjoy the crowds and exoticism of a bazaar in Estambul or forget about everyone and just enjoy each others company on a heavenly island.
  3. What do we enjoy doing as a couple? Trecking, surf, diving, mountain climbing, photography…
  4. What do we like best? Nature, learning about other cultures and history, eating out or just go shopping !
  5. Do we prefer to look after ourselves with nice healthy food, saunas and and massages ?

What we should bear in mind? :

  1. The best time of the year to do the trip depending on the climate of the place we want to visit, crowds etc.
  2. Should we just stick to one place or combine different places. Depending on the number of days we have and the place we are going to visit we can combine it with a short stop in another place on the way there.
  3. How many days de we have? This is very important we cant decide to see all of China in two weeks as we will be busy traveling all day and won´t enjoy our honeymoon. We have to be realistic!
  4. Last but not least is the budget we have. This is very important, we might not be able to go to the place we always dreamt off but we can look for other closer or less well known places that are equally incredible that we can afford.