Wedding Beauty

Why not try a chic and stylish look for your wedding day, by wearing red lips ?

Wear red lips on your wedding day

A chic and stylish look!

If you decide to wear red lips the rest of the make-up must be very pale. You skin should look fresh and smooth, the blusher very natural and you should wear mascara to make your  eye-lashes look long.

Another important thing to bear in mind is the wedding dress you are going to wear as not every dress matches this style of make-up.  The right wedding dress choice will give you a very original vintage touch.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Red lips, a vintage touch!

Red lips give a youthful, vital and graceful appearance. You will shine on your wedding day! Ask your stylist what colour red would suit you best.  Here are some hints :

  • With a light colour skin, a redish blue is the perfect combination.
  • If you are slightly tanned use shades of brown.
  • For brown skinned people, oranges, browns and burgundies are the best colours.
  • Remember not to wear too many accessories, a vintage veil will be more than enough to make your lips standout.  Red lips have been and will always be a classic.

Dolce&Gabbana combines red lips with lace dresses.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Red lips and laces

Karl Lagerfeld makes the red lips standout by wearing the hair up and thus enhance the neckline.

Costello Tagliapietra prefers a more casual hairdo. Very chic!

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Karl Lagerfeld and Costello Tagliapietra

Here are some photos of real brides so you can see for yourselves how effective red lips are with a contrasting white wedding dress.

Wear red lips on your wedding day

Attractive red lips!

Images from : Love My Dress, Duston Todd, Junebug Weddings, Dress Me Fancy, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Lauren McConell Photography, Leslee Mitchell photographer

Dietas antes de la boda. Pierde peso antes de la boda.

With the nerves and hustle and bustle of preparing your wedding, you are sure to loose a couple of kilos before the wedding day.  If you want to loose some more please do it in a healthy and sensible way.  There are no miracle diets, you might loose 2 or 3 kilos a week but this might be unhealthy and you are bound to put them on again.  The best way to do it is to learn how to follow healthy eating habits.

Here is some piece of advise:

  • Regular exercise is very important.  You should try to do three times a week at least.  Walking for 30 minutes at a brisk pace is very good to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and why not calm your nerves.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Nutritionist experts advise you to have five meals a day, so why not have a piece or two of fruit at mid-morning and afternoon. Remember not to have fruit as dessert.
  • If you want your skin to look nice, drink around two litres of water a day, no more.
  • Don´t over do it with alcoholic drinks. If you go out have a glass of red whine instead of white wine or a beer.
  • Avoid pasta and potatoes at supper times as we don´t use up any energy when we sleep and it would probably turn into fat.
  • Eat slowly so you can fill satisfied with less quantities.
  • Switch to multicereal bread instead of white bread, as this is more fattening.
Belle de Jour - Catherine Deneuve

Belle de Jour - Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is incredibly beautiful. She was an icon in the 60´s and more recently in 2010, Francois Nars used her as his model of inspiration for his Spring make-up collection.
She has got a classic, stylish look and time just doesn´t seem to pass by.

Belle de Jour - Catherine Deneuve

Belle de Jour - Catherine Deneuve

We suggest you have a close look at the way she wears her hair, you might get ideas for your own wedding day. It is a casual style, quite plain where volume is very important. It can be combined with a hairband or you can tie up part of it and leave the rest in a wavy style adding small spring flowers to the hairdo.

As for the makeup it should be quite natural, accentuating the eyes by using eyelash mascara that gives volume to your eyelashes. For eye shadows use natural colours or shades in greys. The important thing is that attention is drawn to the intensity of your eyes and gaze.

Brendas Bridal Veils

Brendas Bridal Veils

There is a legend that says Marco Antonio made a bet with Cleopatra on who would give the most expensive banquet in history. The evening of the banquet there was nothing on the plates. Cleopatra took an enormous pearl from her earrings and drank it with the wine. Marco Antonio proclaimed her the winner as pearls where very appreciated by the romans.

Pearl comes from the latin, it means `unique´. There are no two pearls alike as there are no two weddings the same. Pearls can´t be considered properly a precious stone as they come from a mollusk shell but they are so beautiful that they are the traditional remembrance gift for first, twelfth and thirtieth wedding anniversaries.

Photos:, 100 layer Cake

Photos:, 100 layer Cake

Pearls represent modesty, purity and a happy union, that is why they are considered the perfect wedding gift, but they shouldn´t be worn on rings as they mean misfortunes for lovers and for the brides they represent an `ocean of tears´, that is the reason why they are not often used in engagement rings.

There are twelve precious stones as there are twelve months in the year. Pearls represent the month of June, a very traditional month for weddings.

In this section of Beautiful Blue Brides we will tell you more about each of these precious stones. There is sure one that matches your favourite colour and style.