We are all anxious, the bride and groom are going to cut the wedding cake and all our eyes are fixed on it. It is delicious, original and fits in well with the décor.

This is what we want our guests to be thinking in that precise moment. Wedding cakes nowadays are real works of art and they must reflect the tastes and personality of the bride and groom.
In a recent article I read how a professional, specialized in designing wedding cakes, was asked to design a cake in the shape of the arch of triumph, in Barcelona, because that is the place where the couple got engaged. So as you can see there are no limits to the imagination and creativity in this field.

We have chosen some cake designs that we think are really creative according to the colours and style of the wedding. You are sure to find many inspiring ideas amongst this selection.

Just have a look at this turquoise cake. Ideal fdor a wedding by the sea. And if you like something jovial and colourful just take a look at this next cake.

Tartas nupciales

If you are thinking of a Spring or an Autumn wedding these two cakes are perfect. They have got such lovely colours and the work on them is so detailed you just can´t avoid falling in love with every single one of them.

Tartas nupciales.

Are you looking for colours that match your wedding colours? Here is a selection of cakes from burgundy to yellows or the more sophisticated black and whites. As you can appreciate on them floral motifs are all the latest.

Now just relax and enjoy your piece of cake. Cheers!

Photos: The Bride’s Cafe, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Once Wed

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