15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Today´s post is all about different ideas, I have come across in the past few months, that I think would look great in any wedding. There are ideas that might help you with your wedding decration when you are discussing this with the different wedding professionals. Hope you like them!

Paper lamps, like the ones in the photo, look great in garden weddings.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Colourful tablecloths and china plates …. will give your wedding a very bohemian touch !

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Crystal jars for flower arrangements and an arrangement of photo frames with messages, pictures… always look lovely.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Writing messages to your guests or receiving best wishes from them gives the wedding a special, loving flare.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

The bride and groom´s initials, an original and versatile idea.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Three lovely ideas : a dessert´s table, an original wedding cake and the charming light of the candles.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Photobooth : an idea to have fun at your wedding !

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Parasols look great in wedding photos and they make lovely wedding favors.

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

I am all for theme weddings:  Birds, butterflies, feathers….just let your imagination fly!

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

15 original ideas to decorate your wedding

Photo 1 : Jillian Kay
Photo 2 : Tec Petaja
Photo 3 and 4 : Erin Hearts Court
Photo 5 : Rudi Bodanese
Photo 6 and 7 : Belathee Photography ; Jose Villa
Photo 8 : Martha Manning
Photo 9 : Erin Hearts Court
Photo 10 and 11 :  Lael cakes via Brooklyn Bride ; Martha Stewart  Weddings via RitzyBee
Photo 13  and 14 :   galería de Ruffled
Photo 15 : Tinywater Photography ; Events design – Coquette Events via Ruffled

Images : Once Wed ; Ruffled ; Ritzy Bee

Three names, one passion: millinery hats

There was no need for a royal wedding to value the incredible work of these three designers, already worldknown and prestigious, the Irish Philip Treacy, British Stephen Jones and Spanish Candela Cort.

The way they envisage their work and creations is something absolutely fabulous because of all the beauty and magic in each design.  With their talent and the aid of their hands they transform every single feather, piece of material …. into an incredible piece of art. Beautiful in its design and choice of colours.  In a previous post, talking about Spanish hat designers, we mentioned how important it is to feel happy and identified with the hat you wear.  You must feel the most beautiful woman in the world when you wear it, and I am sure you are bound to feel identified and inspired by one or more of the designs we are going to show here.

International wedding hats designers

Designs by Candela Cort

International wedding hats designers

Designs by Philip Treacy

International wedding hats designers

Designs by Stephen Jones

They say an image is sometimes worth more than a thousand words so just go ahead and browse through their webpages and have a look at their collections.  I also recommend you to read their biographies and interviews as they are a real insight into their interesting lives and rich, particular views on design and fashion.

Well known Spanish hat designers

Wearing hats to weddings as part of your outfit has become the fashion again.  .  No wonder, if you have a look at some of the hats, they are real works of art.

Stylish designs, unusual and rich fabrics, exquisite accessories and a wide range of colours. They have something ethereal about them.  They are elegant and most of all unique as you can get them specially handmade and tailored to suit you.

Tocados de Rosario Berrocal

Rosario Berrocal.

Tocados de Blanca del Piñal

Blanca del Piñal

Tocados para boda Fatima de Burnay

Fatima de Burnay

Things you must bear in mind are that they must fit well on your head, enhance your face features and height, and match your hairdo and dress style.  You must feel comfortable and attractive when wearing it.  It must reflect your taste and personality.

In the new wedding collections 2011, designers are even suggesting wedding hats for the bride to wear on the big day instead of a veil or headdress, as they can be really original and the bride can look striking with one of them.

In Spain it is quite traditional to wear hats to weddings and there are very important designers and hat makers that have decided to join together and exhibit their work, once a week every year, so that everyone can appreciate the lovely work that is done in this area.

Here are the names of some of our most famous hat designers and photos of their work, so that you can judge for yourself.  You are sure to fall in love with them !

Blanca del Piñal, Charo Agruña, Charo Iglesias, Henar Iglesias, Clara Cortázar,Cristina Schamann, Fátima de Burnay, Fernando Cuevas, Mª José Mendoza, Concha López, Rosario Berrocal, Leopoldo Benavides y Marta Pernas. World known designer Candela Cort (www.candelacort.com) and some of the most fashionable shops in Madrid, Kassen y Zapata (c/ Barquillo 26), Mimoki (c/ Ayala 32) o Hato Style (c/ Argensola 21).

Tocados de Charo Iglesias

Charo Iglesias

Tocados de Charo Agruña y Maria José Mendoza.

Charo Agruña y Maria José Mendoza.

Tocados de Clara Gortázar.

Clara Gortázar.

Contact Details:
Blanca del Piñal.  Tel : 91 404 79 61. C/ Torrelaguna 67 (Madrid)
Charo Agruña.  Tel : 91 408 95 42.  C/ Boldano 18 (Madrid)
Charo y Henar Iglesias.  Tel : 91 577 76 28.  C/Jorge Juan 102  (Madrid)
Charo Cortázar  Tel : 607 99 56 79.  C/Antonio Pérez 26  (Madrid)
Fátima de Burnay  Telf : 91 319 88 06.  C/ Blanca de Navarra 6  (Madrid)
Fernando Cuevas  Tel : 91 522 49 71.  C/ Barquillo 26  (Madrid)
Mª José Mendoza  Tel : 91 446 27 54.  C/ Manuela Malasaña 14  (Madrid)
Concha López  Tel : 91 464 67 16.  C/ Caramuel 17  (Madrid)
Rosario Berrocal y Leopoldo Benavides  Tel : 91 446 46 57.  C/ Luchana 28 (Madrid)
Marta Pernas  Tel : 91 577 44 21.  C/ Hermosilla 20  (Madrid)