Bride and groom : our place at the wedding table

Looking around for ideas I have come across lots of weddings where the bride and groom give their own personal touch to the place where they will be sitting at the reception.

Some choose a more classic and romantic style, like hanging a bouquet on the back of their chairs with their name or initials.  In other weddings they are more adventurous and they come up with fun and original ideas such as pumpkins with the initials bride and groom, giant initials, cushions or ribbons with the colours of the wedding.

These are just some suggestions but I am sure you can come up with lots of ideas by just letting your imagination fly and thinking about things you like.

Personalising where the bride and groom will be sitting at the reception

Flowers that match the other floral arrangements : classic and romantic

Photo : Lisa Lefkowitz

Personalising where the bride and groom will sit at the reception

Signs and flowers on the chair : a lovely option

Photo : Matthew Morgan

Personalising where the bride and groom are going to sit at the reception

A fun way to decorate the bride and groom´s table

Photo : Amy Carroll

Personalising where the bride and groom are going to sit at the reception

Giant initials and ribbons : a colourful idea !

Photo on the left : Hazelnut Photography
Photo on the right :
Jose Villa

Personalising where the bride and groom are going to sit at the reception

Cushions with initials : a cosy effect

Photo : Three Nails
Images : 
Style Me Pretty ; Ruffled Blog


Wedding checklist: making life easier !

Organising a wedding involves a lot of time and things that need to be done.  Here we are going to give you some suggestions on how to go about in a relaxed way, to avoid too much stress.

Wedding checklist: making life easier !

Allow yourself plenty of time to organize things.  There will always be a few last minute things to do but if you learn to delegate etc life will be much easier, and you can take a few days rest before the wedding.

Get a piece of paper and do a bit of brainstorming around the wedding theme and colours you would like.  Write down categories, such as flower arrangements, for example, and then write a few ideas alongside on how you would like these to look like. Having your ideas on paper will help you to discuss them with wedding planners and other professional such as photographers, floral designers, catering services etc.

Use these ideas to make a wedding checklist of all the things you will be needing, cross it out as you have achieved these.

We suggest you carry a notebook with you, divided into the different sections (i.e. dress, bouquet) and on each page have columns to write down the address and tlephone number of who you have been advised to visit (by a friend, on a wedding blog you have liked etc…), the date and hour of the appointment, who is going to go (remember delegate when you can!) and a last column with your own private notes about the ideas and suggestions that have come out of that meeting, if you liked it or not.. It is a good idea to carry with you the paper where you brainstormed your ideas so that you can discuss them with the professional and make sure your wedding reflects your likes and own personality.

In this way with the wedding checklist and the notebook things will be a bit more organized and make life easier for you.  Remember don´t get overloaded by too much information and follow your  own intuition.

How to display centrepieces and flower arrangements?

Décor has changed a lot over the years.  In the past most weddings displayed their centre pieces and flower arrangements in more or less the same style. Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to originality and every detail is taken into account to achieve a unique wedding, that reflects the style and personality of the bride and groom.

una vasija para flores original

vasijas para flores originales

There are lots of possibilities to bear in mind when thinking on how to display the decorations on the table.  There is the classic vases and pots made out of china.  These are very popular amongst vintage lovers.  You can also go for nice wooden containers or unusual pottery designs.  To dress up the table  with boxes or containers wrapped in papers or fabrics that match the colours of the wedding, or even add some laces, ribbons etc to them, is one of the latest fashions. Modern design is also in.  You can find lovely crystal vases and containers, in different colours, unusual shapes and sizes or go for other materials such as iron or steel designs and pieces of work.

vasijas originales para floreros

recipientes para colocar arreglos en tonos cálidos

The following photos show some of the most up to date and attractive designs you can choose from.

Photos: Ruffled, The Bride’s Cafe, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed

Decorating the wedding marquee

una carpa muy primaveral

With this lovely Spring weather we have, surely lots of you have thought of celebrating your wedding under a marquee in the garden. We have come up with some ideas that might help you decorate the marquee´s ceiling bearing in mind the type of wedding you might like: jovial, chic, elegant…

The first thing to take into account are the colours we would  like for the wedding.  One plain colour, a combination of two or three or an explosion of colours. It is also important to bear in mind the size of the marquee and the rest of the décor so that we don´t over do it.

ideas originales para decorar una carpa

Be creative ! Nowadays there are lovely paper designs, fabrics, lamps …. you can use.

Here are some suggestions you might like:

  • the always fun and jovial balloons in different colours and sizes
  • chinese paper lamps. They give out such a nice light !
  • paper balloons
  • big pompoms and original garlands
  • colour ribbons with flowers and bows hanging from them
  • loads of small twitling lights or big vintage style lamps
  • candles hanging from crystal chandeliers vases from the ceiling. They could be vintage style or in lovely colours to give it a bohemian savoir affaire !
  • Strings from which the bride and groom can hang messages or photos of their guests, themselves.
  • We love the idea of paper dollies etc

decoraciones para carpas originales

decoraciones con encanto para una carpa
There is a wide range of possibilities, so we suggest you have a look at the photos and get further ideas from them according to your personal style and tastes.

The sweet desserts and cake table

It is nowadays the fashion to have a centre table where your guests can have access to all those delicious cakes, cup cakes, homemade cookies… If it is done stylishly and with taste it can be an attractive element of your banquet decoration and why not ? a colourful and sweet touch.

Mesas de postres y dulces

You will have to bear in mind where you are going to place the table so that it looks attractive and accessible to everyone. Depending on the style of your wedding you will have to carefully choose the crockery. If it is a vintage wedding you might want to use pieces of fine china or carved crystal glass plates and trays, but if it is a more whimsical wedding you might choose to have trays in bright colours and different shapes.

Mesas de postres y dulces en bodas

Cupcakes y diferentes postres para boda
It will all depend on the style of wedding you have in mind. The food can also be chosen to match the colours of the wedding. One final hint, remember to attach cards with the name of each cake etc to the trays. There is loads of ways to do this, all very attractive.

Photos: Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled

Autumn magic: Browns and oranges

Decoración para una boda en otoño.

Don´t you love those lovely sunny Autumn mornings with the sun rays shinning on the tree leaves and bringing out all those gorgeous Autumn colours : browns, reds, oranges, yellows…?

I think the fall season is a wonderful time of the year to get married. Temperatures are still nice and nature is bloosoming with beauty.

It is harvest time and we can get a lot of ideas to decorate our wedding. Just imagine bright orange pumpkins, seeds, cones , wheat… as table arrangements. Mango colour tablecloths and small bouquets of wheat tied with orange and brown ribbons to the backs of the chairs. Wooden framed seat places and your guests table list hanging from a raffia background.

Ramo de novia para una boda en Otoño.

Colores de Otoño.

Over our heads hundreds of twinkling lights with orange and cream paper balloons. A table in the centre of the room with wooden farm boxes full of exciting favors for the guests to choose one. Just think of marmalade jars, natural soaps or seed bags all nicely presented and with a thank you tag, with the names of the bride and groom and the date.

I can envisage the bride. A vaporous dress, small flowers in her hair and a sunflowers bouquet. Just like a forest fairy. And the groom so handsome in his dark brown suit.

If you can´t have an outdoor wedding at least make sure that you have your photos taken in a park or a garden. A great idea would be to have an engagement session in the forest !

Photos: Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart, The Bride’s Cafe