Wedding dresses by designer Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is one of the most prestigious wedding dresses designers. You can admire his creations in glamourous  fashion parades all over the world. What I like about him is that  he designs thinking of a modern bride but without loosing that elegant touch of the great classics.

His designs favour womens´silhouette, with astonishing geometrical cuts and a romantic flair of embroidered flowers, laces….and the use of enchanting and vaporous materials such as tulle (more and more the fashion these days).

I leave you with some of my favourite dresses.  See what you think about them.

Wedding dresses by designer Angel Sanchez

All the beauty of tulle, sequins... in these stylish and elegant dresses

If you are thinking about an outdoor wedding, these two dresses are a great choice.

Wedding dresses by designer Angel Sanchez

Don´t you love the flowers and the geometrical layers?

And just one more image : an espectacular dress with embroidered flowers !

Wedding dresses by designer Angel Sanchez

Makes you feel like a princess !


Wedding dresses: My favourite designers. Part II

Today some more of my favourite wedding dresses designers !

Yolan Cris
For a bohemian, bucolic style this is your designer. Her dresses are different to any you have seen before. Dresses with lace and lace edging, crochet, very vaporous skirts…and the perfect hairdress her litlle hats made of lace.
She also includes some lovely and more elaborate 1920s and 30s style dresses. Don´t miss the Alquimia collection.

Colección Alquimia. Yolan Cris

Colección Alquimia. Yolan Cris

Colección Novias 2011 Revival Vintage. Yolan Cris.

Colección Revival Vintage. Yolan Cris.

Helena Mareque
My friend María wore one of her dresses and it suited her just perfect. A classic dress in silk, with chiffon sleeves, lace bodice and a not very low neckline. All in ivory. Very elegant. The finishing touch would have been a vintage veil.
Her workshop is in Ayala street (Madrid) and the designs are exclusive tu every single customer. Her speciality are both antique lacery and handcrafted embroideries. She can also give you advise on what hairdo to wear.

Vestidos de novia de Helena Mareque.

Wedding Dresses. Helena Mareque.

En el atelier de Helena Mareque.

En el atelier de Helena Mareque.

Ruben Perlotti
You will find his work on fashion parades such as Cibeles. None of his dresses are white, his designs are avant garde and youthful. Have a look at his incredible necklines.

Vestidos de novia de Rubén Perlotti.

Wedding Dresses. Rubén Perlotti.

Maria Lluisa Rabell
She exhibits her work in the Gaudí fashion parade. Her wedding dresses remind us of medieval times, there is something magical about them..long skirts with layers of tulle and bodices covered in lace edging, jewellery…
A wonderful idea is that you yourself can combine the skirt you want to wear with the bodice.

Vestidos de novia de Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Vestidos de novia de Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Maria LLuisa Rabell.

Oh que luna
In their window shop in Ayala street (Madrid) there are always wonderful dresses of a romantic, baroque style. They are very classic and elegant. If you don´t see anything you like you can always ask them to design something for you.

Vestidos de novia Oh que Luna.

Wedding Dresses Oh que Luna.

Vestidos de novia Oh que Luna.

Wedding Dresses Oh que Luna.

Teresa Palazuelo
She is a haute couture designer. An exquisite taste and individiualised attention…she knows perfectly well what suits you.

Vestidos de novia Teresa Palazuelo.

Wedding Dresses. Teresa Palazuelo.

Isabel Leguina
Very delicate cuts and wonderful fabrics to make your dream come true. They give you lot of useful advise. When I visited their workshop I fell in love with a princess shape dress. It had a sash with jewelery in golden shades. Her dresses have a classic, everlasting style made to suit each individual bride. Her veils and mantillas are fantastic… I would get married again just to wear one of those.

Hope you have liked this brief selection of dress designers. Did you know them? Which is your favourite? Any you specially like and I haven´t mentioned?

Wedding Dresses: My Favourite designers. Part I

When I started to look for my wedding dress, I tried to be very organized. I started off by buying a brides magazine to be up to date with the latest tendencies. I got a notebook and wrote down which shops and fashion designers to phone, when to fix a date with them and go and see them etc. As days went by I started to feel a bit stressed out, as I had a clear idea of what I wanted my dress to look like but hadn´t a clue of where to get it.
For this reason I have made a brief summary of who my favourite designers are so it might be of any help to you.

Pilar Sainz
She made my wedding dress for me. Pilar is lovely and she really understood what I wanted, a simple dress, empire shape. I tried on several dresses before we agreed on the final design to see how the different shapes and necklines suited me.
Here are some of her designs so that you can appreciate her work.

Vestidos de novia. Pilar Sainz.

Pilar Sainz.

Alma Aguilar
Her dresses are very feminine, delicate and romantic with a vintage touch.

Vestidos de Novia. Alma Aguilar.

Alma Aguilar.

Hannibal Laguna
Hannibal Laguna has got some lovely collections. He combines different textures such as chiffon, embroidery… I love the ones with an ephemeral look about them. My friend Myriam wore one of his designs, an empire shape, for her wedding and she looked stricking. You can find some of his work at Pronovias.

Vestidos de novia. Hannibal Laguna.

Hannibal Laguna.

Teresa Helbig
For Teresa Helbig “a wedding dress is the dress par excellence”. In her workshop they will design your wedding dress just to fit your wishes. Each wedding dress is handmade and unique. Her designs have a very vintage look.

Teresa Helbig.

Teresa Helbig.

Cortana’s wedding dresses are a beautiful trip into the past, very 1920s, feminine and sexy. With shades of colour that are not exactly white, like ivories and even browns. Tulle silk is one of  their favourite fabrics.

Vestidos de novia. Cortana.


Raimon Bundó
Magical and enchanting designs.
For this season 2011 you can choose between any of his three collections:

  • Aire o Realidad: simple designs of a classic cut.
  • Ir de Bundo: my favourite, as it is more bohemian with tulle and natural silk fabrics.
  • Tocar el Cielo: elegant and delicate designs.

Raimon Bundó designs’ have lovely handcrafted embroideries and he also uses jewellery in old looking shades.

Vestidos de novia mágicos y de ensueño. Raimon Bundó.

Raimon Bundó.

Miguel Palacio
Do you remember model Laura Ponte´s fabulous 1930s dress ? Wearing sashes or jewellery around the waist has become the fashion since then as well as mantillas for the hairdress. You can visit Miguel Palacio’s  workshop at Monte Esquinza (Madrid).

Laura Ponte