A dream wedding

Una boda elegante en blanco y dorado.

Classical place cards of delicate golden shades on white

Invitación de boda en blanco y dorado con broche de diamantes.

Classical wedding inviation of delicate golden shades on white

Marcasitios en blanco y dorado con flor blanca.

Place cards Cocó.

A wedding is something very special. Every single detail of the wedding must be taken into account to create that magical and emotional moment that not only the newly weds will always remember but also their guests.

The wedding invitation, the place cards or even the menu has to be carefully and lovingly designed so that they reflect the couple´s personality and the style of wedding they are looking for. Everything from the invitations to the favors must be in harmony with the rest of the wedding, the reception, décor, dress… so that the wedding turns out to be something unique.

Libro de firmas que combina el glamour del blanco y la elegancia del dorado.

Guest Book Cocó.

Marcasitios para las servilletas en blanco y dorado.

Place Cards gold and white. Cocó.

In azulsahara we love to help create that special moment you will never forget, where everything just fits together perfectly, the colours, designs… and above all originality. We enjoy working with the bride and groom to help them make their dream come true. A wedding must have its own personal seal and be harmonious, and we achieve this by working in closely with the other wedding professionals. It is something very creative, where the wishes of the couple are strictly respected and where the work is done with lots of love, to achieve a whimsical effect. No matter what style of wedding it is, whether it is classic, chic, bohemian…the important thing is that the overall result is something breath taking and we in azulsahara can help you achieve this.

Wedding Colours: White, nude and pale pink.

Isn´t this colour combination gorgeous? We simply love it ! You just need to let your imagination fly and you can adapt it to any style of wedding: classic, vintage, rural…
Here we are going to give you some suggestions for a classic wedding.

These shades are pale and elegant, you can brighten them up by adding burgundy or brownish flowers to your wedding bouquet and centrepieces.

Vestidos de novia. Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, RS Couture

Wedding Dresses. Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, RS Couture

A ballgown shape dress could be very flattering as the top part could be in white embroidered in the same colours as you choose for the skirt which could be made quite vaporous if tailored in chiffon. It would give it a very romantic touch.

If you choose burgundy for your wedding bouquet make sure you wear matching colour shoes.

Wear a simple pearls´ bracelet and earrings for all jewelry.

Ramos de flores

For the reception décor we have thought of tablecloths in white with nude colour drapes over them and burgundy table mats. On top of the plates you could place nude colour napkins with laces and a single white rose with a small, delicate thank you card for your guests to take with them as a favor.

Una boda en blanco, nude y rosa palo. Martha Stewart.

White, nude and pale pink. Martha Stewart.

Blanco, nude y rosa palo. Martha Stewart.

White, nude and pale pink. Martha Stewart.

Roses or camellias for the floral arrangements in porcelaine white vases, of simple, antique design would be ideal Add candles or oil lamps, as the light they give out is pale and warm, and suits these three colours very well.

Think of menus and place cards with a touch of silver in them, maybe the text.

Marcasitios, velas y cd de recuerdo de la invitación Loto. Azulsahara.

Place cards, candles and remembrance CD's Loto. Azulsahara.

Last why not have some photos taken in sepia, it will bring back kind memories of the colours you chose for your wedding day.

Imágenes: Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, RS Couture / Wedding Decor: Martha Stewart / Wedding Favours and complements: azulsahara