Organising a wedding involves a lot of time and things that need to be done.  Here we are going to give you some suggestions on how to go about in a relaxed way, to avoid too much stress.

Wedding checklist: making life easier !

Allow yourself plenty of time to organize things.  There will always be a few last minute things to do but if you learn to delegate etc life will be much easier, and you can take a few days rest before the wedding.

Get a piece of paper and do a bit of brainstorming around the wedding theme and colours you would like.  Write down categories, such as flower arrangements, for example, and then write a few ideas alongside on how you would like these to look like. Having your ideas on paper will help you to discuss them with wedding planners and other professional such as photographers, floral designers, catering services etc.

Use these ideas to make a wedding checklist of all the things you will be needing, cross it out as you have achieved these.

We suggest you carry a notebook with you, divided into the different sections (i.e. dress, bouquet) and on each page have columns to write down the address and tlephone number of who you have been advised to visit (by a friend, on a wedding blog you have liked etc…), the date and hour of the appointment, who is going to go (remember delegate when you can!) and a last column with your own private notes about the ideas and suggestions that have come out of that meeting, if you liked it or not.. It is a good idea to carry with you the paper where you brainstormed your ideas so that you can discuss them with the professional and make sure your wedding reflects your likes and own personality.

In this way with the wedding checklist and the notebook things will be a bit more organized and make life easier for you.  Remember don´t get overloaded by too much information and follow your  own intuition.

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  1. Comentario de Helena — August 28, 2012 @ 10:50 am

    Hi Chris,

    Very sensible piece of advise. Hope brides take note of it !!

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