‘Elegance and simplicity is an art’ – Audrey Hepburn

'Elegance and simplicity is an art' - Audrey Hepburn

Each one of us has our own natural charm and personal style. These show in the way we dress, the make-up we use, how we move or even the way we talk.  What we all seem to share in common is that we acknowledge that there are certain styles that never seem to fade, an elegant and simple style, such as that of Audrey Hepburn.

You can choose an elegant and simple style like hers for your wedding. In the same way as you take care that every detail of the wedding is harmonious you can make sure that your look is natural and elegant on your wedding day. The secret keep it simple, just a few touches and accessories here and there.

In today´s post I have chosen some inspiring images of Audrey Hepburn, in all her beauty, and a choice  of wedding dresses, hair styles, bouquets… that in my opinion reflect that elegance and simplicity I have been talking about. Hope you like them!

A simple and elegant look on your wedding day

These wedding dresses are from three international designers (Jesús del Pozo, Hannibal Laguna and Oscar de la Renta) and they reflect how they each interpret elegance and simplicity.

A simple and elegant look on your wedding day

For the hair do I have chosen two very natural looks : wavy long hair and a simple plait.

A simple and elegant look on your wedding day

White and pastel colours in your wedding bouquet are a sure bet.

A simple and elegant look on your wedding

Remember Audrey´s gloves in Sabrina, you will also look spectacular in a pair of either white or black gloves.

A simple and elegant look on your wedding da

And last of all don´t forget that pearls are always a classic to bear in mind.

A simple and elegant look on your wedding day

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Photos 5,6 and 7 : Vogue
Photos 8 and 9 : Paul Smith ; Green Wedding Shoes
Photos 10 and 11 : Jessamyn Harris ; JMFlora Design
Photos 12 and 13 : Heather Kincaid ; Jose Villa (via Green Wedding Shoes)
Photos 14 and 15 : Kristin Vining ; We heart Photography

Images : Green Wedding Shoes ; Style Me Pretty ; The Bride´s Cafe ; Ruffled ; Vogue


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